Ball Mill Repairs and Inspections

Trivett Contracting has been servicing Ball mills since its inception from day one. Power generation is an industry we know well, we take pride in keeping your Mills rolling without issues. We have assembled the best quality team in the industry to inspect, maintain and repair Ball mills. Utilizing exceptional labor and the best equipment on the market we can provide the top service and quality for your Mill. 

Complete Ball mill turnkey maintenance, inspections and repairs including.

  • Complete drive line inspections including pinion, clutch, reducer and motor alignment. 
  • Complete clutch and wear pad maintenance.
  • Full inspection and re-greasing of drive line bearings.
  • Trunnion bearing, seals and housing inspections.
  • Main gear and pinion inspection.
  • Flushing of gear spray system and operation maintenance.
  • Feed end spout and trunnion liners.
  • Discharge end trunnion liners and trommel assembly checks and repairs.
  • Slurry tank and agitator blades.
  • Shell and hardware checks.
  • Liner inspections and replacement.
  • Laser alignment of Drive line.
  • Gearbox inspections and rebuilds.
  • Clutch inspections and rebuilds.
  • Thermo imagery. 
  • Liner thickness checks.
  • Detailed inspection reports and trending.
  • All Ball mill supporting equipment inspections and repairs.
  • "Trivett Contracting brings an experienced, extremely knowledgeable, and extremely competent workforce to the job site." Mark E. Brady, Pure Power Technologies

  • “I would fully recommend Trivett Contracting’s services to anyone. We see their business as a staple and example of a well run company in the Indianapolis area. They are fully capable of handling any job in and out of state.” Gregory T. Taylor, Maplehurst Bakeries LLC

  • “Trivett Contracting is a highly motivated millwright company with a very strong emphasis on maintaining safe work environments and providing high quality work performance.” — Kevin Gay, KN Platech America Corporation

  • “The return on investment has always been immediate when Trivett Contracting is utilized to perform not only repairs and maintenance; but also, project work, and shutdown activities.” — Mark E. Brady, Pure Power Technologies

  • “We have found Trivett Contracting to be highly motivated on our installations and flexible on their schedules in order to accommodate our corporate deadlines. Additionally, we have seen Trivett demonstrate a good teamwork environment, strong professional leadership and great work ethic while providing superior, fully trained manpower.” — Kevin Gay, KN Platech America Corporation

  • “I have worked with Trivett Contracting for over 15 years. During this time they have been involved in over $10 million worth of installations surrounding work we have performed together. They are easy to work with, conscientious, safe, and typically reasonably priced. Their people are willing to explain or suggest the best way to make things happen and go out of their way to keep you informed.” — Mark Llewellyn, Grede LLC New Castle

  • “I predominately have used Trivett for rigging, machine maintenance and fabrication. They have been a “Go To” company for me when others wouldn’t or couldn’t provide what I needed.” — Gregory T. Taylor - Maplehurst Bakeries LLC

  • “Trivett Contracting is considerate and always puts the customer first. The value adds not only show in their cost competitive quoting; but also, when they complete the deliverables on-time and under budget.” — Mark E. Brady - Pure Power Technologies

  • "I have called them on numerous occasions with emergency problems and have always gotten a straight answer. Trivett is one of the contractors I consider to be in my “go-to” group." — Mark Llewellyn, Grede LLC New Castle

  • Trivettが高評価されている、高い労働意欲をもった誠実、完全性、そして質の高い仕事は、過去の仕事にて実証済みです。したがって、安全、品質の両方を兼ね備えた信頼できる会社として、KNPとしては次の設置工事プロジェクトにおいてもTrivettを使用することを強く推薦いたします。—  Kevin Gay, KN Platech America Corporation

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